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self drive rental boats

Self drive rental boats

Are you ready to embark on a great adventure on the sea for the day? Do you have experience driving boats? Then look no further for one of the best ways to see the breathtaking views along the Amalfi Coast. You can rent one of our several boats to take yourself on a memorable exploration of Southern Italy. We recommend bringing lunch, snacks and beverages on board with you for the day.

Although, you can also plan to stop for lunch in one of the seaside towns. Reservations are highly recommended during the high season as it can be very difficult to get a table. There are four options we suggest doing for the day: Sorrento Coast, Positano, Amalfi and Capri.

One important fact to know is that this is all the Amalfi Coast. So no matter which option you decide, you will have still visited the infamous “Amalfi Coast.”

Sorrento Coast:

Heading east out of the port and hugging close to the coast, you will see how the infrastructure is built right into the cliff side. Many of the buildings are 2000 years old, at least. There will be some caves that have sparkling blue water inside and are all connected to each other. Drop the anchor and take a dip to swim inside these caves. Heading back the other way, you will drive by Marina Piccola, Peter’s Beach and Marina Grande. A fun fact about those two marinas is that Marina Piccola is actually the bigger of the two and Marina Grande is much smaller. Marina Grande, for many years, was the main port in Sorrento until they started building up Marina Piccola and adding a wall to the outside. It is now much bigger and the main port to rent boats, yachts and to take a water ferry to surrounding areas. Just past Marina Grande, is the Queen’s villa, Bagni Regina Giovanna. It is at the furthest tip and was built just for the Queen. There is also a cave by the property because that was built to be the Queen’s private swimming pool. It is reachable by land as well, but it is quite a hike.


Positano is about a 45 min boat ride depending on the speed you take. This iconic city is spectacular to see from the water and an absolute must do. You can drop the anchor and relax on the boat. Take a dip out in the sea and bask in the most amazing coastline you may ever see. If you did not bring your lunch, there are several restaurants along the waterfront that will help you tie up to one of their buoys. You can enjoy a delicious Italian meal and then walk around the streets of Positano before heading back out to sea.


This is a town along the Amalfi Coast. It is a bit larger than Positano. It has a large marina, waterfront restaurants and many things to see and do along the streets of the city centre. The drive along the coast from Positano to Amalfi is quite impressive. You will see small coastal towns, many secluded beaches and beautiful shades of the sea. The boat is yours for the day, so charter your own course while you have the freedom to explore from the water.

Capri Island:

Capri is about a 45 min ride from Sorrento or Positano. Touring around this stunning island is something that should not be missed. Between the Faraglioni Rocks to the several grottos, a lot of Capri is to be done from the water. There are also two marinas on Capri as well as many restaurants that will allow you to tie up on one of their buoys if you wish to explore some of the island by land. We would love to rent you a boat to give you the most memorable experience out on the sea that we love so much!



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