Amalfi Coast Tour

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The Amalfi Coast tour is a full-day excursion that departs around 10 a.m. from Marina Piccola in Sorrento. We’ll begin by cruising along the Sorrento Coast until Punta Campanella. Punta Campanella is the point where the Sorrento Coast ends and the Amalfi Coast starts. We will then continue cruising along the Amalfi Coast. Our captain will suggest the best spots where you can swim and snorkel. Before arriving in Positano, you’ll be able to see the fishing village of Marina del Cantone, the gorgeous beach of Tordigliano, and the Fiordo di Crapolla. Once arrived in Positano, you can choose to be dropped off for an hour or so to walk around or have lunch. Once returned to the boat, we’ll continue the tour by visiting Praiano, the famous “Fiordo di Furore”, Conca dei Marini (where you have the best restaurants by the water), and Amalfi. In Amalfi, you will have an hour or so to visit the town before returning on board and heading back to Sorrento. On the way back, we’ll cruise through the “Galli Islands” where normally our captain will let you go for a last swim.

*PLEASE NOTE The boat will be privately hired. You have the option to customize your tour at your preferred pace within an 8-hour time frame, and as long as you’ll stay in the Amalfi Coast region. The captain and boat will be available for your exclusive use throughout the trip.

Amalfi coast TOUR



Departs From Sorrento

Regina Giovanna

Punta Campanella

Marina del Cantone

Conca del Sogno

Fiordo di Crapolla

Tordigliano Beach


Fiordo di Furore


Li Galli Island (Dolphin Island)

Return to Sorrento




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