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Embarking on a private boat or yacht tour from Sorrento with Amalfi Coast Dream opens the door to unparalleled beauty and wonder. Among the jewels awaiting discovery, none shine brighter than the captivating island of Capri. Picture-perfect landscapes, shimmering waters, and iconic landmarks await those who dare to explore its shores. Join us on a journey to uncover the secrets of the perfect day in Capri, where every moment is a postcard-worthy memory waiting to be captured.

About Capri, Itay

Capri, an island gem nestled in the Tyrrhenian Sea, beckons travelers with its irresistible allure. Renowned for its rugged coastline, azure waters, and legendary caves, Capri has long been a magnet for adventurers seeking to experience the epitome of Mediterranean beauty. With Amalfi Coast Dream as your guide, you’ll embark on a voyage of discovery, immersing yourself in the enchanting landscapes and rich heritage of this timeless destination.

Things to do in Capri, Italy, on a Day Trip from Sorrento

Exploring the Blue Grotto:

As your boat glides gracefully across the azure waters, the first stop on your Capri adventure is the legendary Blue Grotto. This natural sea cave, adorned with mesmerizing shades of blue, is a sight to behold. With Amalfi Coast Dream, you’ll have the opportunity to venture inside this enchanting cavern, where sunlight dances on the water, creating an ethereal glow that will leave you breathless.

Entering the Blue Grotto is like stepping into another world, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur into one. As you glide through the narrow entrance, the sunlight filtering through the water casts an ethereal hue, illuminating the cave’s interior in a mesmerizing display of color. With Amalfi Coast Dream’s experienced guides at your side, you’ll learn about the geological forces that shaped this natural wonder and the fascinating history that surrounds it.

day trip to capri, italy from sorrento

Marveling at the Faraglioni Rocks:

Continuing your journey, the iconic Faraglioni Rocks come into view, standing tall amidst the sparkling sea. These majestic limestone formations are a symbol of Capri’s rugged beauty and a testament to the power of nature’s artistry. With Amalfi Coast Dream, you’ll cruise past these towering sentinels, allowing you to admire their grandeur up close while capturing unforgettable moments against the backdrop of the Mediterranean horizon.

The Faraglioni Rocks have long been a source of inspiration for artists, poets, and travelers alike. Rising from the sea like ancient guardians, these iconic formations exude a timeless allure that is impossible to resist. As you approach them aboard your Amalfi Coast Dream boat, you’ll feel a sense of wonder wash over you, knowing that you are in the presence of something truly extraordinary.

Discovering the Green Grotto and White Grotto:

As you weave through the crystal-clear waters, your next stop brings you to the Green Grotto and White Grotto, two hidden treasures nestled along the coastline of Capri. With Amalfi Coast Dream as your guide, you’ll have the chance to explore these captivating sea caves, each boasting its own unique charm. From emerald-hued waters to pristine white cliffs, these natural wonders offer a glimpse into the untamed beauty of Capri’s coastal landscape.

The Green Grotto and White Grotto are like hidden gems waiting to be discovered, each offering a different perspective on the island’s natural splendor. In the Green Grotto, the sunlight filters through the translucent waters, casting an emerald glow that bathes the cavern in a magical light. Meanwhile, the White Grotto dazzles visitors with its pristine white cliffs, which shimmer in the sunlight like polished marble. With Amalfi Coast Dream, you’ll have the opportunity to explore these enchanting caves at your own pace, marveling at the wonders that lie beneath the surface.

Indulging in the Charms of Marina Piccola:

No visit to Capri would be complete without a moment of relaxation in the picturesque Marina Piccola. With its tranquil waters and panoramic views, this idyllic cove provides the perfect backdrop for a leisurely afternoon spent basking in the Mediterranean sun. Whether you choose to swim, snorkel, or simply soak in the serenity, Amalfi Coast Dream ensures that every moment in Marina Piccola is one of pure bliss.

Marina Piccola is a haven of tranquility, where time seems to stand still amid the gentle lapping of the waves and the soft caress of the sea breeze. As the boat anchors in the sheltered bay, you’ll feel a sense of peace wash over you, knowing that you’ve found paradise on earth. Whether you’re lounging on the sun-kissed shores or exploring the underwater world with a snorkel, Marina Piccola offers endless opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Savoring Local Delicacies at Marina Grande:

As the day draws to a close, return to the bustling harbor of Marina Grande, where charming cafes and seafood restaurants await. With Amalfi Coast Dream, you can disembark and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this coastal gem. Indulge in fresh seafood dishes, sample local delicacies, and toast to an unforgettable day of exploration in Capri.

Marina Grande is the beating heart of Capri, where the rhythm of life pulses through the bustling streets and lively waterfront. From traditional trattorias serving up freshly caught seafood to chic cafes offering panoramic views of the harbor, there’s no shortage of culinary delights to tempt your taste buds. With Amalfi Coast Dream as your guide, you’ll have the opportunity to savor the flavors of Capri, indulging in the rich culinary heritage of this storied island. Ask your boat skipper to take you to one of the best-voted seaside restaurants in Capri. 

Where to Book a Private Boat tour to Capri from Sorrento, Italy 

From the hidden wonders of the Blue Grotto to the iconic beauty of the Faraglioni Rocks, a boat tour with Amalfi Coast Dream offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to discover the perfect day in Capri. Whether you’re marveling at the natural wonders of the Blue Grotto and Faraglioni Rocks, or indulging in the culinary delights of Marina Piccola and Marina Grande, each experience will leave a lasting impression on your heart. With every stop along the way, you’ll be mesmerized by the breathtaking scenery, enchanted by the rich history, and captivated by the unparalleled charm of this Mediterranean paradise. Our private boat and yacht tours are voted the #1 in Sorrento, Italy. So, why wait? Visit us at Via Marina Piccola, 49, 80067, or book online at Embark on your own adventure with Amalfi Coast Dream and let the magic of Capri unfold before your eyes.



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